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This "Privileged Member" is a new feature aimed to Qupas users. These features and services can only be accessed by Hotel / Resort / Villa visitors / guests who have collaborated and / or become special members with Qupas. This service will give you a variety of best-price offers from various merchants who registered as Qupas affiliates. Meanwhile, visitors / hotel guests who are not members of Qupas, you do not need to worry because we continue to provide special services and attractive offers for you. You can contact one of our representatives listed in the Information section below.



As a Hotel / Resort / Villa visitor / guest who have collaborated and / or become our special member, you have the opportunity to get special access to "Privileged Member" from Qupas for free. But first make sure that you have access to at least one Qupas platform. To get the privilege, you can contact one of the Front Office offices / Receptionist at the hotel you are staying in, and for the following procedure, you can follow the guidelines below / on a banner displayed at the Hotel's Front Office / Receptionist.


The user is obliged to comply with all existing or new regulations which are yet available contained in the Terms and Conditions, Cooperation Agreement, Privacy Policy or other regulations detailed in the Qupas platforms.


The user
This "Privileged Member" feature can only be used by:

  1. Hotel / Resort / Villa visitors / guests who have collaborated and / or become special members of Qupas
  2. Non Hotel Members - the general users of Qupas who have signed up on our platform.
How to get a Privileged Member
  1. Hotel / Resort / Villa visitors / guests who have collaborated and / or become special members of Qupas
    • As a guest you have the right to get the facilities and special services provided by Qupas.
    • When you check in at the Hotel, the Front Office officer / Receptionist at the Hotel will provide a Code or QR (Bardode) which can be used as special access for you to enter Qupas's Privileged Member page.
    • If the Front Office / Receptionist Hotel can't deliver the code, you can make a request and/or view the Qupas "Privileged Member" Banner displayed on the Front Office / Receptionist desk.
  2. Non-Hotel Member (General Users of Qupas platforms)
  3. For those of you who are not visitors / guests of hotels / resorts / villas who have collaborated and / or become special members of Qupas, you will still be able to get this privilege.
    How to get the access:
    • Open Qupas platform (website/app) then Select and click on the "Privileged Member"
    • Click on "Join Now" button
    • You will be directed to contact Qupas.
    • A representative from Qupas will provide guidance for the following procedure.
Purchases & Payments

After you download Qupas app or visit Qupas's site and scan the QR or Barcode printed on the Hotel Banner, you can choose a variety of the best-price Offers from a wide selection of Merchants who have registered in Qupas and make payments according to the payment methods available at Qupas.

How to use a voucher

When you have purchased and made payments according to the stage provided by Qupas, you can use the voucher at the Merchant. How to claim voucher:

  1. Confirm to the Merchant up to D-1 before your coming.
  2. At the Merchant's place, redeem your voucher. You can see the voucher you have purchased in "My Voucher" page.
  3. Show the voucher to the officer at the merchant's place.
  4. Make sure that you do not redeem the voucher yourself, because the voucher will be deemed forfeited / used.
  5. Enjoy your experience, and don't forget to give ratings and comments to the Merchant on our review page.

The user cannot cancel and or request a refund for the transaction that has been carried out for any reason. However, there are exceptions for force majeure such as errors in the our system, so Qupas must process the cancellation and/or refund. The cancellation and refund must go through the verification procedure set by Qupas. Users must confirm to Qupas directly by telephone call of which number provided or informed by Qupas in the "Contact Information" section at the very end of these Terms and Conditions regarding to the details of the transaction to be canceled. Qupas has the right to determine the final outcome of the transaction status, whether the cancellation process will be approved or vice versa. The final results and/or decisions of Qupas cannot be contested by any party.


You can see the list of Partner / Partner of Hotels / Resorts / Villas who have collaborated with Qupas on the "Privileged Member" page


By using Qupas services and platforms, you agree that all actions relating to the use of the Qupas services and platforms will be subject to and comply with the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Cooperation Agreements, and/or other regulations that have been established and determined by Qupas. In the event of a dispute, and problems in the future relating to the Use of the Qupas services and platforms, it will be settled in accordance with the Laws and Regulations that apply in Indonesia.


For more information, you can contact one of these Representatives of Qupas.
Phone: 031-8688800
Email: info@qupas.id
Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 08.00-17.00 WIB