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Before using Qupas Platforms, you are expected to read and understand the Terms and Conditions that apply as explained below.

By accessing and / or using Qupas Platforms, you acknowledge that you have read and understood, and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set forth below and other terms and conditions in relation to the Platforms, including but not limited to the Privacy Policy, FAQ , and or other provisions that have existed or will exist in the future that are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

Please note that we can change, modify, add and delete these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. For the best user experience, you must read and understand these Terms and Conditions periodically. By continuing to use Qupas Platforms after such changes to the Terms, visitors, Users or Registered Users ("You" or "Users") agree to the changes. If you use one of our other services, your actions are based on compliance and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions that apply to the service.


  1. Qupas provides Online Services for Users to be able to enjoy various features that currently exist or will be presented in the Service.
  2. Qupas is committed to protect User privacy. Qupas only uses User information in accordance with the conditions described in the Privacy Policy.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt for Users, all Qupas Platforms are fully owned and controlled by Qupas itself.



Qupas provides various services and interesting features that can be enjoyed by every user. The features include:

  1. Complete Review
    Users are encouraged to give ratings and reviews on our merchant pages about their experiences while visiting the merchant. The review can be in the form of text or photos. The review activity combines the concept of Social Network Service (SNS) so that Users can interact with other Qupas Users such as giving comments, liking reviews and sharing reviews to the Timeline.
  2. Qupas Daily
    Qupas also presents articles, videos and photos that can be accessed by Qupas users as a complement to the review feature. At Qupas Daily, Users are allowed to interact through commenting and liking articles.
  3. Feeds
    As one of Qupas Features, Qupas Feeds is a special page for content about daily activities, experiences, recommendations, tips and tricks uploaded by Qupas Users related to their interests. Served with photos and friendly interface, Qupas Feeds makes it easy for visitors to get the latest updates from other Users.
    Visitors or fellow users can also interact through content by liking or discussing about related materials in content, such as products or locations.
  4. Deals & Promotion
    Qupas Users are able to search for and buy various Deals and Promotions we have already handpicked for you. We guarantee that those are the best options with the best prices we have for Qupas Users.
  5. Qupas Shop
    Users can also buy various products that already exist and / or will be available later on the Qupas Platforms. The products are all authentic and have the best quality. Not only domestic products, Qupas also offers products from overseas that are becoming a trend recently. With this feature, Qupas also offers the best prices and various favorable discounts for our Users.

Qupas will not limit the services provided only to the existing services. Along with its development, Qupas will also provide other features that are more attractive for Qupas Users to enjoy. Qupas has the right to change, modify and or add various features that exist or will be released in the future. As a User, you must understand and approve any changes that exist or will exist. Changes made by Qupas are correct and complementary so that Users can have better experiences when using the Qupas Platforms.


  1. Using Qupas Platforms
    • Qupas determines the minimum age requirement for you to be able to use the Qupas application, which is at least 17 (seventeen) years old.
    • Users are allowed to upload or post contents in the form of reviews, photos, videos, ratings, and other contents in the Qupas Application.
    • Although Qupas will make reasonable efforts to limit access to the User's personal data database, Qupas does not guarantee that the other party will not, without Qupas's consent, and or gain access to the database. For the use and protection of personal data provided by Users, please see the Privacy Policy.
    • Qupas has the right to reject, change, modify, or delete all existing and or existing contents created by the User without prior notice.
  2. Activities that are prohibited on Qupas Platforms are as follows:
    • Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate security and / or applicable Provisions including but not limited to accessing data that is not intended for them or entering a server or accounts that they are not permitted to access, trying to investigate, scan, or test the vulnerability of a system or network or attempt to violate security measures or authentication without proper authorization, try to interfere with services to Users, hosts or networks or send unsolicited e-mails. Violations of system or network security can lead to civil and / or criminal liability.
    • Users may not upload or post any sensitive information or contents that contains SARA, content that is false, inaccurate, misleading or defamatory, contains computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms, computed files or other material that can interfere with, damage or limit functionality computer software or hardware or telecommunication equipments. In addition, advertisements or contents that cheat or involve the sale of illegal products.
    • Users may not spam, including but not limited to all forms of e-mails, posts or unsolicited messages.
    • Users are prohibited from using the Services or Contents for any commercial purpose, outside the scope of these commercial objectives which are explicitly permitted under this Agreement and related guidelines provided by Qupas.
    • Users are prohibited from accessing, monitoring, reproducing, distributing, broadcasting, displaying, selling, licensing, copying or exploiting any Service Content, including but not limited to, User profiles and photos, using robots, spiders, scraper or automatic methods other or any manual process for any purpose that is not in accordance with these Terms or without our written permission.
    • Users are prohibited from attempting to change, translate, adapt, edit, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any software program used by Qupas in connection with the Services or Features provided by Qupas.
  1. Account Registration
    • Users can become members of Qupas by registering online. For registration purposes, Qupas will collect and process your personal information, such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number and other personal data when registering. You must provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information and agree to provide proof of identity that Qupas may ask for a clear reason.
    • Only you have the right to use your own account and declare and guarantee that you will not allow other parties to use your identity or account for any reason, unless permitted by Qupas.
    • The user is fully and absolutely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of login and password information in connection with your membership account. In any case, Qupas will not be responsible or liable for loss or damage in connection with the use of unauthorized membership accounts by others. Due to this, Qupas does not recommend Users to transfer or transfer accounts to any other party.
    • Qupas has the right to deactivate, cancel and or delete the User membership account at any time if it is felt that there is a violation of the applicable provisions.
  2. Account Disclaimer
    • Qupas has the right to delete or return, cancel and or reject the User Account that has been or will be sent by the User if Qupas believes that it violates prescribed rules, such as inaccurate, obscene, vulgar, offensive, defamatory, deceptive, false, related to pornography, or considered as spam. Qupas has no obligation to maintain or provide Users with copies of content in any form and does not guarantee confidentiality regarding User content.

The user is obliged to comply with all existing and / or upcoming regulations contained in the Terms and Conditions, Cooperation Agreement, Privacy Policy or other regulations contained in Qupas Platforms. The user is also fully responsible for all forms of content displayed and or published in the Qupas application.

  • Users can purchase products sold by Qupas through Qupas Platforms.
  • Payments can be made through various payment methods that have been provided by Qupas.
  • Fees that will be charged / paid by the User will be added with other admin fees such as Bank Fees, etc.
  • Qupas will issue a Voucher if the User has made a payment and confirmed, and has been declared successful by Qupas.
  • Vouchers can be viewed by the User on the "Order" menu which will be used by the User to claim it on the Merchant.
  • On the menu "Order", Users are able to see the list of Vouchers which are "Active", "Redeemed/Used" or "Expired". 
  • To redeem the Voucher, Users must show the Active Voucher to the ticketing agent at the Merchant. ONLY Merchant's ticketing agent is ALLOWED to swipe the button on the Voucher to validate the Voucher. 
  • Any Voucher of which button is already swiped while being shown to the Merchant's ticketing agent CAN'T BE REDEEMED. Qupas and Merchants are not responsible for this mistake.
  • The user cannot cancel and or request a refund for the transaction that has been carried out for any reason.
  • However, exceptions to things that are coercive such as errors in the Qupas system and / or force majeure, so Qupas must proceed with cancellations and or refunds. The forced and cancellation process and refund must go through the verification process set by Qupas. Qupas has the right to determine the final outcome of the transaction status, whether the cancellation process will be approved or vice versa. The final results and / or decisions made by Qupas cannot be contested by any party.
  • Users must confirm Qupas directly by telephone provided or informed by Qupas in the "Contact Information" section at the very end of these Terms and Conditions, regarding the details of the transaction to be canceled.
  • The process requires time that cannot be determined by Qupas.
  • The funds will be returned by Qupas to the User on the Bank Account that has been previously informed, and will be deducted with other costs that will arise due to the cancellation process.

Qupas is not responsible for conditions, or guarantees of all forms of content displayed in this service either directly, indirectly, incidentally, consequentially, compensation or in any special case (including, without limitation, resulting from loss of profits, loss data, business interruption, damage to goodwill, reputation, or the cost of procuring substitute goods and services) arising from use, inability to use, or errors and omissions in the content or function of the services provided by Qupas.


Copyright as one of the fields of intellectual property rights is related to product protection which is the result of human intelligence. The copyright domain is the protection of literary and artistic works, including writings, music, works of art such as paintings, technology-based works such as computer programs, electronic databases, and others. These works which are Creations, which when announced on internet media in digital form, still get protection. This is as stated in Article 1 number 5 of Act No. 19 of 2002 concerning Copyright that an announcement is the reading, broadcasting, exhibition, sale, distribution or distribution of a work by using any tool, including internet media, or doing it in any way so that a work can be read, heard or seen by other people.

That point shows that copyright protection includes digital content irrespective of the form or the medium of distribution. Information that is protected by copyright in analog form continues to be protected when it changes into a digital form. For example, an article, song, picture, or photo that is circulated or distributed through internet will still get protection as a creative product.

By looking at the prevailing provisions, everything that exists and / or that will exist in Qupas Platforms becomes fully Ownership / Copyright Qupas fully. Included are not limited to:

  • Company software, important documents, documentation, templates, data, designs, graphic elements, domains, IPs, which are inserted into or that have been used in the development or operation of the Qupas System,
  • Intellectual property rights to data, logos, designs, graphics, brands, licenses,
  • Material information related to Business owned and provided by Users who have and / or will register with the Qupas Application, in the form of pictures, menus, or other information,

Without prejudice to other provisions, other Users or Partners relating to Qupas further guarantee and promise that the Information provided to the Company below or in connection with this for use in the System and / or Service does not and will not violate intellectual property rights and other rights anything from any third party (including but not limited to registered or unregistered trademarks, patents, copyrights, or designs).

  • In any case and in terms of anyone both on the User, Qupas and related parties will maintain confidentiality and will not use any information and data from the confidential nature of the other party or be treated as confidential by other parties, including without limitation to the information related to Service and System Orders, development, technical, product, sales, marketing, promotion, operations, performance, costs, policies, finance, business, processes and other proprietary information, trade secrets, knowledge, users and other users' information ("Confidential Information") and must obtain officers, employees, agents, and subcontractors to maintain the confidentiality of that information, except for the purpose and only to the extent necessary for the implementation of the obligations of the recipient under the Agreement.
  • A party may not violate the above provisions in circumstances where it is forced by applicable law, regulation or order given by a court, government authority or regulatory body of a jurisdiction that is competent or required by the relevant financial institution in connection with any performance or transaction which is contemplated based on the Agreement to disclose the other party's Confidential Information.
  • Without prejudice to other provisions, Qupas and the Users can disclose any Confidential Information from the other party to the company, lawyer, auditor, insurance company, or related accountant based on the need to know and will hold the related company, lawyers, auditors, insurance companies or accountants thereafter must be under an obligation of confidentiality.
  • For the purposes of Qupas Platforms, in accordance with the provisions of Article 1244-1245 of the Civil Code referred to as Force Majeure, a situation arises due to events beyond the ability of the Parties to control it and the situation affects the implementation of this Agreement by The Parties include but are not limited to events such as earthquakes, whirlwinds, landslides, fires, explosions, natural disasters, wars, riots, terrorism, political conflicts, sabotage, embargoes, mass strikes, major floods, broken lines / internet data access, changes in government provisions / policies.
  • In the event of Force Majeure, the party who experiences it must notify the other party immediately after the occurrence of the Force Majeure, which is no later than 3 (three) working days after the Force Majeure occurs.
  • If within the period as referred to in Article 9 (nine) paragraph b above, the party experiencing Force Majeure does not submit a written report / notification to the other party regarding the Force Majeure, the incident is considered not as Force Majeure and the obligations of the Parties must be fulfilled in accordance with the provisions contained in this Agreement.
  • In the event of a bad intention or unability to prove the Force Majeure, the party experiencing the Force Majeure must be punished by replacing costs, losses and interest in accordance with the loss suffered.
  • In the event of a Force Majeure, the Parties will negotiate again to continue the pending obligations and / or find a solution to the problems caused.

By using Qupas services and platforms, you agree that all actions relating to the use of the Qupas services and platforms will be subject to and comply with the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Cooperation Agreements, and/or other regulations that have been established and determined by Qupas. In the event of a dispute, and problems in the future relating to the Use of the Qupas services and platforms, it will be settled in accordance with the Laws and Regulations that apply in Indonesia.


For more information, you can contact one of these Representatives of Qupas:
Address: Plaza Wadungasri Lt. 2, Jl. Letjen Suprapto no. 83, Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Phone: 031-8688800
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