"Mauve is just pink trying to be purple" -James Whistler-
Soekarno said “Dream as high as the sky. Even though you fall, you will fall between the stars”. Even if you fail, you remain an extraordinary person. Like "pink" failed turn in to purple, but it became everyone's favorite color (yes it is still color) : "mauve". Who would reject this lipstick color? Even in every set, every kind of lipstick colors, mauve color is always exist. Soooo, for this makeup I was also inspired by everyone's favorite makeup look ?: "Korean Makeup Look" and I made it a monochrome look because this time the star is mauve color. And to complete the look I use @revlonid Revlon Superlustrous Matte is Everything Lipstick #AudaciousMauve (048). the name of the shade also means : dare to step, brave to move. so, what are you waiting for? keep going on ?❤
#koreanlook #koreanmakeup #aegyo #monochromemakeup