(disclaimer: ignore the lip gloss stain on my teeth)
HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to my most favourite local brand @rollover.reaction hoping that you'll grow into a big (and maybe international-wide?) company and keep making good and high quality products. (p.s. please make lipgloss and concealer in the near future, okay? i believe in your quality and here i'm waiting for you guys to make it! ??)
here's a quick review on their products that i use in this look:
- BROWCARA in ESPRESSO: i can totally use just this and walk out of the door because it makes my brows looking bushy and full
- GLAZED! in HARI (all over the lid) and CORRINE (accent liner): this product is very versatile, you can totally make this natural with just one swipe of this and blend it in, or you can totally build it up to make it extra, like i did for this look!
- SUEDED! in PRUDENCE (crease, cheeks, and lips): RR's classic product and my most favourite product because of the multifunctional use and its lightweight-ness. i even make 3 (or more?) of my friends buy this because they love the texture and its blendibility. i also thought this colour would be too light for me, and turns out it's not as it blends with my lip colour perfectly
- HALOLIGHT in SUN GLEAM (bronzer and blush): this gives you tan without looking orange, creamy and easy to blend
- CHUNKY! in PABLO (outer corner of my eyes, blush accent, and inner part of my lips): it is very creamy and pigmented, very easy to blend
- FLUSHED! in THULIAN & PALOMA (mixed for blush topper): they give a very nice dumpling-looking cheeks, i rarely use this for lips, but on the cheeks they're ?!
- Lip balm: my everyday lip hydration
- Face Mist: beside melting the powder products on my face, it makes my face glowy without looking greasy
and that's all! happy birthday again?
#RRBdayGiftaway #rolloverreaction