This is one of the hydrating toner that I have been enjoying for the past couple weeks.

the lotion is clear with the viscosity ever so slightly thicker than water. It housed in a simple, pink colored, & cylinder bottle with a white cap. It’s got a traditional shaker top, but since it is a bit thicker so we have a full control not to let it out much.

It has a quite strong rose scent, which is no biggie for me as it is kind of therapeutic & relaxing.
The toner feels soothing going on, and it glides on the skin upon application. 
It hydrates my skin instantly and is so fast absorbing. When its fully absorbed It didnt leave my skin tacky at all.
I havent felt any other effect but hydrating , yet i think that the main purpose and it excels at it , so im not complaining.
I also find applying this into my hands and patting onto my face works better than using a cotton pad.

Since there is no alcohol in the formula, it does not evaporate and retains moisture.
This toner is also FREE from Paraben, yet they use Phenoxyethanol as preservatives. 4 top ingredients in ingredients list are top notch, it has butylene glycol, glycerin and niacinamide. Not to mention, this toner is also SILICONE FREE.
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